Northwestern Michigan College Local Area High School Art Student Exhibition At The Dennos Museum Center

This is the front Page of the application or registration of applying for entry into the Northwestern Michigan College Local Area  High School Art Student Exhibition. You will go from this page to the registration page, register for the application and then fill out your application details. Make sure to fill in the application with all of the information asked for. The show is open to Juniors and Seniors and you are allowed to enter 2 pieces from a number of catagories.
    Remember thisis the online portion of the Jury process for this show. There may be a few piecesthat get juried in through this process that may still be rejected after this initial judging. All of these things are addressed inside this application.
    Thank you for submitting your Artwork to the NMC Local Area High School Student Art Exhibition, held at the Dennos Museum Center.


Steps To Get Started:  Follow the instructions in this video, or go to register, there you can sign up for this entry call.